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Let's start your own DNA discovery! AncestryDNA is offering my amazing viewers a 10% discount! Visit: *$99 price and 10% discount valid in US* I'VE BEEN LIVING A...

Event Planning Tools Android App Demo

How to use Event Planning Tools App. The most practical event planning app in the Android market. Meeting space calculator will help you determine how many people can fit into a particular...

Songkick for Android walkthrough

We take a look at the newly released concert tracking application, Songkick for Android.

Solu Portable Computer

Sarah Buhr sits down with Solu founder Kristoffer Lawson to talk about thew new portable computer. Subscribe to TechCrunch today: TechCrunch is a leading technology...

Lawson & Mulberger: App for Organizing Class Library

How to get Android apps on (almost) any Chromebook now

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The awesome Snupps app!!!! perfect for coin collectors!!

Snupps: Coin opp on Snupps: Dustin Morgan on Snupps: Snupps for andriod:

LibraryThing App Tutorial (iOS and Android)

The LibraryThing App is a super fast way to catalog your books, music, and movies! Here's what you can currently do in the LibraryThing App: - Browse and search your library. - Add books...

Re-upload K-ON! AR of Lawson 平沢唯AR企画 ローソンのけいおん! ARに繋いでみた

Re-uploading because of its noise. Yui Hirasawa's AR (Augmented Reality) Service of the convenience store called Lawson in Japan. You have to install the app which is corresponding to iPnone...

Magic Coin for Android

Magic coin is a cool app to impress your friends. Shake the phone to make the coin disappear from the phone screen and appear in your hand. Just practice and make your friends drop their...

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